Dear customers,

we want to offer you the best possible service and treatment during your stay at the Juba Wellness Tempel. Therefore we have defined the following employee and quality standards. They serve to protect your privacy and intimacy at all time and offer you a relaxing and pleasant treatment.

1) At the beginning of your treatment our therapists will always inform you about the procedure of your booked treatment/massage and will discuss with you which parts will be massaged and which parts not.

2) Our therapists will ask you once more during the treatment if everything is comfortable for you.

3) Our therapists will always the treatment room, if there is need to undress before the treatment and provide you with towels to cover your body.

4) Our therapists will ask you before the treatment starts if you have acute pain or other heath aspects to consider.

5) Our therapists will always protect your privacy and intimacy and cover these parts of your body with towels. Intimate areas will never be part of a treatment.

If our therapists don´t comply with these standards please do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can accommodate with you.

For improving our service and minimize errors we look forward to your constructive feedback and your suggestions for improvement.

Your contact:
Patrick Maldonado
Owner Juba Wellness Tempel
Phone: 0228-3692442
Email: p.maldonado@jubawellnesstempel.de



We ask you for a favor...

Dear customers,

our goal is to offer you an optimal treatment and a relaxing experience at the Juba Wellness Tempel at any time.

All our therapists have decided to work in the spa and wellness business, because they care a lot about working with other people. Especially at massage treatments there is a very close interaction between customers and therapists. Therefore offering trustful frame conditions is fundamental.
For offering these trustful frame conditions to our customers and perform our treatments professional at any time we also ask for your assistance. Therefore we would like to ask you the the following favors...

1) Inform us before the treatment starts about your wishes and doubts and tell us if there are any parts of your body that react very sensitive and delicate to massages.

2) Turn your mobile phone and other electric devices to a silent modus during your treatment and abstain from phone calls.

3) Inform us before the treatment starts if you are pregnant.

4) Please give us an advice when booking a treatment if you prefer a male or female therapist for your treatment.

5) Tell us immediately if you feel uncomfortable during your treatment (for example if the massage is too strong, music too loud, attitude of the therapist, etc.). We will then adapt the treatment to your wishes.

If you have further questions in advance or during a booking, our therapists will always take time to listen to your doubts and suggestions. A clear and open communication in advance is a essential component of our philosophy and a precondition for a best possible professional treatment for customers and therapists as well. At the same time the respect of other cultures and life forms and the protection of privacy and personal right is a fundamental principle at the Juba Wellness Tempel.

However, if you have been in an unpleasant situation during your stay, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Patrick Maldonado
Owner Juba Wellness Tempel
Telephone: 0228-3692442
Email: p.maldonado@jubawellnesstempel.de