Recover from a stressful day or week at one of our popular massages steadying your body and soul to rest. A great massage offer of Juba Touch, Lomi Lomi, Hot Stone, Sport Massage leaves nothing to be desired. Especially recommendable is our self-developed Juba Touch massage. Ideal if you suffer from backache or pain in the neck.

Hamam treatments

Not less relaxing and restorative than that is our Hamam soap foam massage on a special massage hot stone, which is made of amber mosaic. Feel the comfortable warmth of your pre-heated massage stone and the wonderful effect the olive soap foam leaves on your skin. The “Master of the Hamam” uses a special technique to rub the soap foam softly into your skin to make you have an enjoyable time.


Get a smooth and tender skin by having an oriental thermal mud peeling in our tastefully arranged Serailbath. Besides the elimination of dried layer of skin cells it helps to purify and detoxicate your body. 

Wellness baths

Be in a lap of luxury while taking one of our numerous wellness baths in a fully automatic whirlpool. Whether you choose a romantic foam bath or e.g. a  revitalizing rosmary bath, there´s something for everyone to his taste. Relish your totally private whirlpool.


At our Sauna area, which walls were painted by a professional painter, a finnish sauna, a steam bath and a caldarium invite the guests to dwell. After you worked up a sweat there is the possibility to have a cooling-down in one of our showers or to take a relaxing footbath. Calming music and couches in the resting area are creating a great feeling of comfort.