Pure skin - Cleansing treatment

For impure skin - This treatment focusses on the efficient removal of impurities. Therefore we use special bionomic products that soothe the skin and avoid smear infections.

Including: Cleansing - Facial peel - Eye brows removal - Intensive removal of impurities - Facial ampule - Nurturing facial mask - Finishing care

60 min. = 75.00 € | Ticket for 5 visits = 335.00 €


For every skin type - This treatment combines an intensive cleansing with the diamond peel microdermabrasion and a facial massage. This treatment renews the elasticity of your skin and stimulates cell regeneration.

Including: Cleansing - Diamond facial peel with microdermabrasion - Eye brows removal - Removal of impurities - Facial ampule - Facial massage - Firming and tightening facial mask - Finishing care

60 min. = 79.00 € | Ticket for 5 visits = 355.00 €

Fruit acid treatment

By the application of concentrated fruit acids (concentrations between 10%-30%) the first layer of the skin gets removed. The skin-cells get animated to renew and regenerate themselves. This treatment is recommended for impure, largepored skin and also to reduce wrinkles.

Including: Cleansing - Fruit acid AHA peel - Eye brows removal - Facial ampule - Facial massage - Regenerating facial mask - Finishing care

60 min. = 79.00 €

Anti Wrinkle Ultrasonic Treatment

Tightening up skin treatment with cassava root extracts highly concentrated anti-wrinkle serum. Feel how mimic wrinkles are reduced and your skin is eased by the use of ultrasonic. Chains of hyaluron acid counterbalance moisture deficits and establish an extra filling effect from inside. Perfect to diminish fine lines and ideal for a fresher skin structure.

Including: Cleansing - Eye browse removal - Facial peel - Removal of impurities - Ultrasonic treatment with Anti-Wrinkle serum - Facial mask - Facial massage - Finishing care

60 min. = 84.00 €

Relax treatment

Indulge yourself in our most comprehensive facial treatment. After a cleaning of your face with a gentle peeling you will enjoy a massage as well as a nurturing mask for face, décolleté and neck. Your skin and spirit will relax and regenerate.

Including: Cleansing - Facial peel - Eye brows removal - Removal of impurities - Facial ampule - Facial massage - Neck massage - Décolleté massage - Nurturing facial mask - Finishing care

90 min. = 115.00 €

Algae Cocktail

The fresh breeze for you skin. Specifically chosen algae serums and the pure Hyaluronic Intense Serum with finest silver particles strenghten and ease your facial skin. Perfect for all skin types.

Including: Cleansing - Eye browse removal - Facial peel - Hyaluron Algae Serum - Finishing care

30 min. = 45.00 €

Beauty Kick

The fast beauty care with intense active care substance. The Hyaluronic Intense Serum with finest silver particles binds moisture, diminshes fine lines and eases the skin. A stimulatiing facial massage closes the treatment.

Including: Cleansing - Eye browse removal - Facial peel - Hyaluronic Intense Serum - Moisturizing mask - Facial massage - Finishing care

45 min. = 65.00 €

Naturally Beautiful

The hyaluronic treatment for a harmonious and lithe skin appearance. Crystal clear hyaluron acid with finest silver particles combined with algae serums cause vitality and a bright smile. The following moisturizing mask and the facial massage support the effect.

Including: Cleansing - Eye browse removal - Facial peel - Removal of impurities - Hyaluronic Intense Serum - Hyaluron Algae Serum - Moisturizing mask - Facial massage - Finishing

75 min. = 105.00 €

Aloe burst of freshness

Relaxing facial treatment with natural Bio-Aloe Vera from south america. You enjoy a soft peel and a vitalizing facial massage that moisturizes and tightens your skin.

60 min. = 89.00 €

Anti-Stress treatment

A soft but efficiant massage and a very effective Anti-Stress Serum calm down inner tensions and the nervous system. A final, highly effective face and eye mask concludes your treatment. Leave the daily routine behind and take your time to relax.

60 min. = 89.00 € | 75 min. = 105.00 € | Ticket for 5 visits 60 min. = 400.00 €

Anti-Aging treatment

Pure nature with rejuvenation effect! Feel intense regeneration due to medical-, rejuvenation- and regeneration plants which are rich in highly effective antioxidants. The moisture depots of your skin will be filled, wrinkles will be smoothened and your connective tissue will be strenghtened. Further it stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin. The effect is directly visible.

75 min. = 105.00 € | 90 min. = 125.00 €

Caviar Power Treatment

Anti Aging from the sea. Experience intensive facial care with caviar extracts, which consist of the optimal composition of vitamines, amino acids and phosphor lipids. The microdermabrasion and the hyaluron acid complete that treatment to strenghten and ease the skin appearance. Perfect to regenerate a de,manding mature skin as well as generally in case of signs for early skin aging. This is why caviar is called the black gold of cosmetics.

Including: Cleansing - Eye browse removal - Microdermabrasion - Removal of impurities - Caviar-extract serum - Anti-Aging Caviar mask - Facial massage - Finishing care

75 min. = 105.00 €

Men Fresh up

Der Muntermacher für Ihre Haut. Unsere erfrischende Gesichtsbehandlung mit Aloe Vera versorgt Ihre Haut mit hochwirksamen Nährstoffen. Zudem entspannen Sie bei einem sanften Gesichtspeeling und einer belebenden Gesichtsmassage.

Leistungen: Abreinigung - Gesichtspeeling - Aloe Vera Frischpflanzenanwendung - Gesichtsmassage - Pflegemaske zur Vitalisierung der Haut - Abschlusspflege

30 min. = 45.00 €

Men Energy

This treatment is in perfect harmony with skin of men. It has a relaxing, invigorating and tightening effect. After this treatment you will feel refreshed, energetic and motivated to take up new challenges.

Including: Cleansing - Facial peel - Removal of impurities - Facial ampule - Facial massage - Vitalizing facial mask - Finishing care

60 min. = 75.00 €

Eyebrow colouring

Eyebrow colouring = 14.00 €

Eyelash colouring

Eyelash colouring = 16.00 €

Anti Cellulite Treatment

Ideal für die Problemzonen des Körpers. Mit dieser intensiven Körperbehandlung wird die Durchblutung und Straffung des Bindegewebes gefördert. Ein vitalisierendes Peeling mit Fruchtsäuren oder Zucker entfernt abgestorbene Hautschuppen. Hochfrequenter Ultraschall schleust hochkonzentrierte Wirkstoffe tief in die Haut ein, so dass die Zellen aktiviert werden. Eine entschlackende Detox-Massage mit anregendem Pfefferschotenextrakt sowie eine straffende Körperpackung runden diese Behandlung ab.

Leistungen: Abreinigen - Fruchtsäure- oder Traubenkernpeeling - Ultraschall - Detox-Massage - Körperpackung - Abschlusspflege

75 min. = 105.00 € | 90 min. = 125.00 €

Decolleté treatment

For a smoothe skin and even texture. This treatment begins with a diamond body peel of the décolleté and neck with microdermabrasion. Then, a comforting body wrap with an essence of champagne and cocoa beans moisturizes and restores tone and texture of your skin.

30 min. = 45.00 €

Treatment for your back

A gentile body scrub, followed by an intensive cleansing removes impurities of your back. Then, a nurturing body poultice is slowly applied on your back and moisturizes and smoothens your skin.

30 min. = 45.00 € | 45 min. = 65.00 €


Including: Filing and shortening of your nails - removal cuticle - abrade body of the nail - hand creme


approx. 30 min. = 45.00 €


Handmassage to complete your manicure.

approx. 5-10 min. = 10.00 €

Hand peel

Hand peel to complete your manicure.

approx. 5 min. = 5.00 €

Nail Polish

Combine your manicure or pedicure with polishing your nails.

approx. 10 -15 min. = 15.00 €

Shining eyes

A soft massage with precious oils and mecial plant products pampers your eyes and has a diuretic and smoothening effect. It reduces eye circles and prevents wrinkles, shadows under the eyes and eye bags. A final regenerative eye pack with a fresh plant gel of aloe vera makes your eyes shining.

30 min. = 45.00 €

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